Merry Christmas Wreath

Merry Christmas Wreath

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I had such a great response to the first winter wonderland wreath that I made another version with a few more goodies on it! Deco mesh and silver glittery wire complete this wreath and a large "Merry Christmas" adorns the middle. Snowflakes lined with glitter and rhinestones give this wreath more sparkle! Just like the other winter wonderland wreath, this one has 25 battery powered LED lights that run on 3 AA batteries.

The lights are not visible in the picture, but I myself, and customers who have bought these in the past can assure you that it is beautiful at night when you light it up. A small box where the batteries go is on the back of the wreath and the lights are placed inside of the wreath all around, so that just like when you turn Christmas lights on - the wreath sparkles all over when you flip on the switch.


Note - this can also be made in red or green! Everything will be red or green on it with the exception of the snowflakes - they will be white/silver